How to Do a Quick fix on a loose Figure 8 Safety clasp

by: Felicia Ketron

If you are like me, you have a favorite Tennis type bracelet [or two].

Sometimes the figure 8 safety clasp will loosen so that it will not stay closed anymore.

Here is an easy, quick way to tighten your clasp so it will again be a REAL safety clasp again !

Why it won't stay closed

the loose figure 8 does not fit tight enough around the ball catch to secure your clasp


Heres a little better picture of the figure 8 part of the clasp before it is fixed.

note: if your figure 8 is badly misshapen, this may not work for you.

What two items you will need for the job.....

All you need for the job is a pair of round nose pliers

like shown to the right

If you need a pair, they are here on my website

And a Bracelet with a loose clasp.

Notice how the figure 8 is not snug against the ball catch in the photo to the left.


How to fix it.....


close your clasp together like picture to the left.

With your round nose pliers, squeeze in at the point shown by the arrows Like it is done in the photo to the right.

Don't squeeze too hard or it will be too tight & you will have to loosen it again.

Open & close your clasp a time or two to see if it is tight enough to stay closed.

You don't want it so tight that you have a lot of trouble getting it apart.

Voila ! nice and tight again.

Now it is a REAL safety clasp again !





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