Limited Stock Clearance Settings

these settings are old stock, returns,e.t.c. All in new condition.

I am listing them on this page to clear them out of my stock

A Very few pieces will be tarnished but will rub clean with a cloth OR by a couple of days wear

You may not change quantities in your shopping cart on these clearance items unless specified more than one is available

Clearance Pendants

6x4mm Oval shape Cabachon pendant setting

Reg price 2.60 your cost   2.16

5 avaliable


12x6mm Marquise shape Cabachon pendant setting

Reg price 3.60 your cost   2.97


6mm Round
Single Accented Pendant setting

One 6mm Rounds & use (1) 2mm accent

Reg price 4.00 your cost 3.28

.two avaliable


6mm round shape Cabachon pendant setting

Reg price 3.40 your cost   2.81

these are tarnished






9mm Round five prong pendant

Reg price 6.00 your cost   5.00




8mm Trilliant side prong pendant

Reg price 5.30 your cost   4.00

only one available


18x9mm Marquise pendant

Reg price 9.00 your cost   7.00




13mm Square Regalle pendant

Reg price 10.40 your cost   8.60



13x9mm Pear cut accented pendant

uses (1) 2.5mm accent.

Reg price 6.50 your cost  5.39

only one available






Clearance Dangles






Clearance Earrings















Clearance Rings

20x15mm Oval Sterling Silver Regalle Ring~ size 7

Reg. price 30.00 your price 25.00


no stones included

only one avaliable @ 25.00







12x8mm Pear cut Sterling Silver Regalle Ring~ size 9

Reg. price 15.00 your price 12.56

only one avaliable @ 12.56




7x5mm Emerald cut Sterling Silver Ring


Sized to 8

Reg. price 27.50 your price 20.00

Slightly tarnished

only one avaliable @ 20.00






10x7mm Pear cut Sterling Silver Ring~ size 7

Reg. price 13.50 your price 11.04





Ladies Emerald Cut Double accent Ring~ sized to 9

For a 9x7mm Emerald shape stone with [4] 2.5mm accents

Reg. price 27.50 your price 23.00

gold version shown this will be silver







Men's Donello 14x10mm Oval Cabochon Ring~ size 9

Reg. price 31.50 your price 25.00

only one avaliable @ 25.00


18x13mm Oval cut Sterling Silver Ring~ size 7

This ring is a return & has slightly sprawled prongs it is in good shape & can be adjusted back in

go here to how to adjust your settings

Reg. price 20.00 your price 10.00

not actual picture

only one avaliable @ 10.00





Clearance Misc.



14 Kt. Yellow Gold Ring Guard

approx 1.5mm wide

Reg. price 21.82

your price 16.00

only one avaliable



Bracelet Clearance items



three pieces of Sterling Silver 6x4mm Emerald cut Solderless Bracelet links

Reg. price for three $22.05

your price $15.00 for three pcs.

no stones included

three for one price @ 15.00 ea.

you will need additional parts to make your bracelet click here to see them



Findings Clearance items





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