Radiant cut Lavender C.Z.
Felicia's Originals
Featuring Jewelry supplies in : 14kt. Gold,Sterling silver & 14/20 Goldfilled: Settings, Ring mounts, Findings, Beads & items for all your jewelry making needs . All at prices hard to beat !
Ladies rings to
Gents to size 15


No minimum order!

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Good News !

Due to the lower Sterling Silver & Gold prices, I am adjusting the Gold & Sterling silver setting prices for the Casted settings : rings, pendants, bail & earrings.Everything Casted

Look for site wide reduction in prices as I can get to them.

Thanks ! , Felicia








These Settings are EASY MOUNT and PRE-NOTCHED

Made for most sizes & shapes of Gemstones

NEW !!

Sterling Silver Casting


inlay settings


Clearance page specials !

Do you want to buy at least 10 pieces of an item ? Click here for an example of your price breaks

I will need to make your invoice manually for you to get your price breaks


you can purchase & set yourself


have them set professionally at the manufacturer before your setting is shipped

Diamonds / Ruby / Sapphire / Emeralds / Amethyst / Aquamarines / Citrines / Garnets / Peridots / Tourmalines

Rhodolite Garnets / Tanzanites / Sky Blue Topaz / Swiss Blue Topaz / Top Sky Blue Topaz / London Blue Topaz

Zircons / Birthstones / Cubic Zirconias / Opals / Cabachons of all kinds / Pearls





PARABA topaz,GARNET,C.Z.,Citrine,


Ring Mounts

in 14kt. Yellow and White Gold and

Sterling Silver


including engagement ring settings

Ladies rings in size 4 to 12

Men's rings in size 6 to 15


in 8kt., 10kt., 14kt. and 18kt. Gold and Sterling Silver


paste, sheet, strip, chips & wire solders

Base Metal findings

14kt. & Sterling Silver Coin Bezel Holder mounts





Most all of the settings on this website come in 14kt. white & Yellow Gold.


I am working on getting them all added onto the site & I am not done yet.

If you really want a ring,pendant, dangle e.t.c. in gold, I can give you prices on request. just email me





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That is the method used to make the settings on this website


E-Mail me for all Special orders or questions


I am glad to answer your emails.I'll email back and forth as long as you need.


Felicia's Originals
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Why am I called Felicia's Originals ?

I suppose it seems odd since I am selling items for you to make your own originals

Here is the story........When I started out this venture, I was making Leather bracelets, purses, e.t.c.
I was also making Fimo and Sculpey clay beads in all original designs .i.e. flowers,lady bugs,cats and everybody loved them .Boy..... was I busy making beads and stuff !
I was also making custom creations in jewelry.
In my search for sterling silver findings,I came up with some great sources for precious metals findings.I found one source with prices so low and in great quality,I said to myself "I can sell this on Ebay,Make good profit and still Beat everybody's prices too ! "

So that's what I have been doing.But ,by this time I already had a name.......

Felicia's Originals

See some of my creations !

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